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NOTE: Please see the notes here about the latest version of TNMailserver. You may need some of the notes in that page to try and install the Techie Mailserver on newer distributions.

What is TNMailServer?

TNMailserver is a home grown Techie project, that is comprised of open source Linux technologies. A great amount of work has been put into creating each of the sub components of TNMailserver, and great appreciation goes out to every owner of every project this blend uses.

So, TNMailServer is mainly a "How To" on making a

  • Full blown Mail Server supporting ESMTP, IMAP4, POP3 and Webmail
  • Incorporating Spam Filtering, Virus Filtering
  • Allowing integration through standard SOAP and web services
  • Virtual Domain Support - host unklimited amounts of domains
  • Complete scalability - scalable across many servers

Introduction and History

Techie Networks has been around since 1997. Since then, TN has gone through various versions and increments of Sendmail, SendmailNT, and the previous mailserver solution, Infradig. All of them, well, had issues. None of them stood out as being the best solution overall for my needs. As TN slowly tries to eliminate Microsoft Servers from its backbone, products such as Alt-N MDeamon and Kerio were being turned down.

Thus, TNMailServer was created. I've known about Postfix's stability, and SpamAssassin's flexibility - and then found a similar project to what mine is now, in Bill Schupp's qmail-toaster. The qmail-toaster was also a nice blend of having qmail, amavis , spamassassin and clamav stuck together with vpopmail to make it all work.

TNMailServer v1 was the basic toaster that made the whole thing work. With v2, certain aspects have been broken out for independant use, such as the TNMailServer administration tools, which now includes web services so that external applications can communicate with the server.

How To Get

TNMailserver is based on many open source technologies. The way to install this on your server varies, depending upon your Linux distribution. The software has also now been split up into a few seperate pacakges so you can choose what you want to use out of the system. The versions available are as follows:

Please do keep in mind that this project is a How To document that shows you how to make this mail server. Don't expect to download a tar ball that you extract and run. (Although i have been working on a single script to run to install all the parts - with no success)


Since no software is perfect, I have found that updates to the project do happen frequently, and thus i decided to make a mailling list that would let users know when an update has been made. To subscribe to updates, you can either add an RSS feed to your RSS viewer, or send me an email using my contact form and i'll put you on a mailling list.