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Techie Projects

Welcome to my Projects page. Here you will find source code, and guides on setting up some of my projects that i have been working on over the past few years. Most noteably, the TNMailserver is the most popular project as it shows you, step by step, how to create a fully functional webmail server that is capable of serving thousands of users.


Techie's flagship project. Techie.org actually runs this project for its customers in production.
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TNWinLog is the latest public release of a project that i've needed badly. I've been using syslog services on my unix boxes to monitor my servers and services everywhere, and needed something on the Windows front to tie in with that mechanism. After using winlogd for a while it turned out that it would not work on and of my Win64 servers. So i made one.

TNWinLog is written in Microsoft.NET v2.0 and is free to use by anyone. Installation is simple, just "TNWinLog -i -s <syslog server>". Use "TNWinLog -h" for more options and help.

Current Release is v1.0 and is available here

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