A Site by Jaysam Thanki, Web Architect

About Techie.org

Techie.org is a domain that i aquired back in 1997, and i'm proud of it! Techie.org has survided the .com fall of 2000, and continues to thrive. Techie Networks is the company that came out of this domain name, and is owned by Jaysam Thanki.

Techie.org's Goals

Techie Network's goal is to become a profitable company, by helping people around the world meet their own goals in their business. By providing cost effective solutions, sometimes based on open source technologies, this has happened already for numerous customers.
Unlike other companies, Techie's goal is not to scrape up insane profits by providing over priced, sub par service. Far too often our clients come to us because they didnt get what they payed for.