Rooney and Ronaldo, following Donovan?


Today’s game should have been a white wash for Chelsea. Theres really no excuse why Manchester United couldnt hit Chelsea for 6 afer the special one’s departure. And thus, i think i’ve come to a psuedo conclusion on something. I think that some talented players, fade once in a while. I dont know why it is, but it appears that they peak, and then fade. I don’t know if they fade forever downwards, or if its a phase thing with life, like a planetary alignment issue that triggers some weird neutrons in their brains.

Take, for example, Landon Donovan. FIFA Young Player winner for 2002’s world cup. He had a terrific run in that world cup, and then with the MLS in that period of time. But since then he’s gone down, and i’d say he looked like the worst USA player on the field when USA played Brazil earlier this month.

Since Landon is older than Rooney, and Ronaldo – it’s quiet possible that my theory is plausible. Maybe these two stars are fading now. If i remember correctly, my biggest hero Jurgen Klinsmann went through this patch after departing from Tottenham to go to Bayern Munich. If my memory serves me right, he faded between 97 and just before the start of the 98 world cup. Although he scored 3 goals in the 98 world cup, he was hardly stellar. And then he was gone for almost a decade, before coming back as a coach in full form. Maybe he hasnt taken a job recently due to another slump.

So, maybe thats why Ronaldo, Rooney and Donovan suck recently ? Maybe in a few years they’ll come back for a facinating season or two ?

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  1. The difference between Donovan and Ronaldo/Rooney (I believe they have the same problem so we’ll treat them as “one”) is desire. Ronaldo and Rooney have opted to play at arguably the highest level of professional football in the world (sorry La Liga fans). Donovan has opted to play at the highest level of football in the United States – one of the countries that is furthest behind in the sport. You can claim his motives are noble, but the bottom line for me is he doesn’t have enough heart to be one of the world’s best players. He has great skill, but his intensity and heart do not do his skill justice. He’ll break out of his slump when he decides he’s ready to play — and please, stop all of that stupid ground touching, crossing, and having a seance at the spot when you’re taking a PK.

    Ronaldo and Rooney are having the same problem this season. They are both trying to carry a struggling Manchester United team all by themselves (you can probably add Tevez to the list). They are going about it different ways, but both of their methods are netting (or rather not netting – pun intended) the same result. Rooney has never met a shot he didn’t like. Put the ball on his feet and he tends to think about scoring first, and passing after he’s already taken the shot. 🙂 Ronaldo on the other hand seems to have regressed back to a couple of years ago. He’s all flash, and no bite. Last year, the step-overs and tricks were more impressive because they were a prelude to a good cross or an ON TARGET shot. This year, the tricks happen just before he turns the ball over. In order to be more successful and get better looks at the goal, these two need to use each other more effectively – neither are typically lazy, both like to run at the goal so instead of trying to work through the 2 or 3 defenders in your path, drop the ball to the other and let him go one on one.

    Now, having said that it’s important to note that Rooney has only played 2 games and Ronaldo only one or two more. Neither are match fit. Let’s hope they both return to last year’s form after a bit more playing time.

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