Beckham Debut!

Well, he’s finally here – and playing. Well, sorta. He’s ankle is still a bit “damaged” and i doubt he’ll be taking part in next weeks Superliga. I think he should start helping Frank Yallop coach this sorry team, especially Landycakes. Although actually, they didnt play too badly today vs a pre-season Chelsea. 1-0 is a decent result, and the Galaxy did have quiet a few good looks at goal.

The media was frenzy around the stadium, i’ve never seen so many cameras around a substitutes bench, hounding Beckham for a snap.

But hey, its all good. David, I welcome you to the USA, i kinda know how you feel coming to this alien land not knowing anyone (well, you know a lot of celebs). It is a strange place to live coming from Europe, but you’ll get used to it.

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