Lync 2010 Hanging up after call connected

Hello, a quick post. Over the past few weeks, I noticed that Lync calls were hanging up on me for no apparent reason. After it hung up on me with a client that needed help right away, I got frustrated and tried to figure out what the problem was.

After looking around, I found the issue to be multiple ip’s on my workstation that were un-routable. I had added static IP’s to my workstation to configure some routers and switches, and didn’t remove them after I was done.

Apparently, Lync tries the other IP’s if they think its going to work better – in the process, it hangs up the call when it tries to connect to one of the non routable ip’s.

So, if you have having an issue with Lync which causes a call to connect, and then get disconnected after 5-10 seconds – look at your ip configuration.

Possibly related to Call Admission Control and Media Bypass.