Spain Vs Russia

Mighty Spain toppled Russia 4-1 in Austria, with some brilliant goals n both sides.

Spain started strong, and ended the night with 4 goals, with David Villa scoring 3 in a row, 2 in the first half, the final late n the 2nd half. Russia had plenty of simple chances but failed to put any of them away. Guus Hiddink’s men clearly need some target practice, as had they put only half of them away, this could have been an upset, even with Spain’s 4 goals.

Can Spain continue this run? Only time will tell. 

Arsenal’s Fabregas scored the last goal, a marginal offside goal that was allowed in stoppage time.

Holland Vs Italy

What a game we just witnessed. Holland overpowered italy 3-0 tonight, in the best game of the tournament so far. The Netherlands started attacking, and didnt stop attacking. They might still be attacking now in their sleep.

Italy had their chances in the game but failed to make any of htem count.

The first goal scored by Ruud Van Nistelrooy was clearly offside, but was allowed by some strange officiating byt the lines man. A corner was kicked in, and after some tussling Panucci ended up behind the goal line on the floor, in a heap. Seconds later, a strong fast cross/shot came in which Ruud deflected in. At the time of the cross, Ruud was offside. According to the FIFA Laws book, the goal should not count, since the Panucci was off the field not interfering with play, and did not deliberately stay off to keep Ruud offside.

From the rule book (source):

If a defending player steps behind his own goal line in order to place an opponent in an offside position, the referee shall allow play to continue and caution the defender for deliberately leaving the field of play without the referee’s permission when the ball is next out of play.

It is not an offence in itself for a player who is in an offside position to step off the field of play to show the referee that he is not involved in active play. However, if the referee considers that he has left the field of play for tactical reasons and has gained an unfair advantage by re-entering the field of play, the player shall be cautioned for unsporting behaviour. The player needs to ask for the referee’s permission to re-enter the field of play.

Five minutes after the controversial goal, Sneijder scored a spectacular goal, from a break neck counter attack. A full volley into the goal from a Kuyt head into the box.

In the second half, the game remained at a high pace and both teams produced very good chances, but another wonderful country attack move put Holland 3-0 up, which is how it ended.

Romania Vs France

The game started slow, very slow – like a diesel engine and after it did start, it hardly went off idle till the 90th minute.

France’s typical tournament start. There was little of any attacking style of football from either side and hardly any shot on goal. The goalie’s had little to do during regulation time for the entire game.

I doubt the slow start had anything to do with Henry being sidelined with an injury, he hasn’t lit up any game since leaving Arsenal anyway.

Anelka got the first real chance in the 33rd minute with a header that went just high. The game slightly picked up after that moment with  a few open plays, but i started feeling like i wasted 45mins of my life as half time approached.

The second half started a bit better, with a bit more aggression from both sides, but then died down back to the idle murmuring of a diesel engine. 

For the entire game, France didn’t look like the power they were supposed to be, and I think it’ll be difficult to get out of this group having dropped 2 points against the supposed, easiest side in the group.

0-0.. a non event. Romania got the better point out of the two

Germany Vs Poland

Germany set the tournament on alert after it easily beat Poland 2-0 tonight. The germans looked efficient, attack minded, and well, superb. Captain Ballack keep everything under control and had a few chances himself on goal. But the day belonged to one person only, Young Lucas Podolski.

Podolski netted two easy goals, first one being setup from Klose and the 2nd a fumble from Klose which was cleanly smacked into the back of the net. Poland had little in offence, and struggled to keep Germany out of their area.

Austria Vs Croatia

Croatia came out of this game with a win that was not deserved. Croatia got a deserved penalty decision in the 4th minute which was put away. Beyond that, Croatia didn’t show much after that. Towards the end of the game, it looked certain that Austria would, and deserved a goal – but it never happened.

Portugal Vs Turkey

Portugal stamped their authority in Group A with a win against Turkey on the opening day. However, i was not too impressed by their play and it was evident to me that Portugal does have some defensive areas of weakness that could be exploited.

Both teams had their chances in the first half, and neither took them. Ronaldo’s free kick late in the half was parried away by a finger nail which was definately going to go in had it not taken that deflection.

Knowing Scolarri’s tactics, i was expecting a one nothing game, and it appeared to go that route when Pepe scored from close range after a quick one-two move. Excellent goal. There were a few chances where Turkey could have equalised, but it didnt happen and Meireles scored late in stoppage time to seal the victory.

Good win for Portugal, confidence boosting. But I’m still waiting for Ronaldo to show me that he is the best player on the planet.

Switzerland Vs Czech Republic

The Czech Republic come away from this game with a lucky win by a fumbled goal by Sverkos. Throughout most of the game, the Swiss actually looked the better side and the most probable to score, with most of the chances coming from Alex Frei. However, he suffered a knock on his knee towards the end of the first half and had to be changed out with Yakin coming in. In the 2nd half, Yakin showed us that he could score a goal, but never did.

In the 71st minute, Sverkos picked up a ball over the top, beat the offside trap and took a fumbled shot that fooled the keeper and went in.

Lucky win by Czech Republic. Swiss had plenty of opportunities but couldn’t put any of them away.

Fedora 9 and Dell T105’s

Yay! Fedora 9 is out, and it finally installs fine using on a Dell T105 with a SATA DVDRom. The previous version of fedora (8) on x64 didn’t properly recognize the install dvd.

Outlook 2007 – “A Dialog Box Is Open”

Today i got a call from a customer stating that Outlook 2007 was starting, but giving an error message “A Dialog box is open” trying to open or compose new emails. The problem was that Outlook started on a new user profile, and the usual Outlook/Word dialog that asks you for your Name/Initials was gettign hidden someplace (since word starts silently in outlook).

Solution is to close everything, and start Microsoft Word first. Enter your name and initials, and then you’ll be able to start outlook.

Bill pointed out that if you don’t have the full Office installed, you won’t be able to launch Word. So to fix it, you’ll have to temporarily remove a Microsft Update item number KB946983. Use the control panel to remove this update, start Outlook, then windows will apply the update again at a later time.

Exchange Remote Wipe Admin

Just a note, mainly for myself, on the location to get the Remote Wipe MobilAdmin utilities for Microsoft Exchange. They can be gotten here

I find it useful that the exhcange server can sever relations between a mobile device and the exchange server, especially if you’re about to fire someone and they have their own device syncing in.