How to setup PPTP VPN on Mac OS X Tiger

1. Open Internet Connect under applications
Application Window

2. Click on the VPN Icon in the top right
Internet Connect Window

3. Select PPTP from the dialog.
Internet Connect Window, new PPTP Connection

4. Select the Configuration Drop down, and click Edit Configurations
Configurations Window

5. Fill out the details for the VPN connection given to you by your network administrator, and then click OK
Configuration Details

6. To prevent all of your internet traffic flowing over the VPN connection, click the connect menu and select options (skip this step and step 7 if you need your traffic to flow over the VPN connection)
Connect Menu

7. Uncheck the box that says “Send all traffic over VPN connection”
Connection Options Window

8. Done! You can now click “Connect” to connect to your VPN. You will also notice that there is a new icon in the top menu bar which shows the connection status, and allows you to quickly connect to your VPN, shown below
VPN Menubar item

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