Hyper-V : Mounting ISO’s from a Network Share

To mount an ISO to a VM running under Hyper-V requires a few tweaks to the domain account to let this happen. I don’t recall where I found this tip, but I had to do it again and it took me a while to find the settings I had made.

In essence, here are the steps required

  1. Make sure the share is accessible by the computer account hyper-v is running on. In my case, it was adding TNVS2 to the network share*. You can use “everyone” but this is better I think. Just read is enough
  2. On the domain computer account, edit the delegation properties. We need to add the network storage server to this account for delegation. Select “Trust the computer for delegation to specified services only”, and then click “Add”. Enter the server name where the shares reside. It will now show you a list of services from the server, select “cifs”.
  3. Set the protocol to “Use any authentication protocol”

That’s it.

* For ease, I created a Security Group in AD called “Hyper-V Servers” and then added all the hyper-v servers computer accounts to it, to make security assigning easier when adding new servers to the farm.

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