Enable MPIO on Hyper-V R2

Hello, this is more a post to remind myself on how to install MPIO on Hyper-V R2. I’ve been experimenting with MPIO and my WSS server’s to make a more robust cluster, and need to use MPIO to have proper failover when maintaining the iSCSI /SAN network.

By default Hyper-V R2 does not habe the MPIO feature installed, so this needs to be enabled by issuing the command

Dism /online /enable-feature:MultipathIo

Copy and paste the above, as it is case sensitive. It doesn’t end here however, we still need to register the iSCSI initiator to use MPIO. Start up the MPIO control panel


Check the box “Add support for iSCSI devices”


Then click “Add”


Reboot when ready. Once rebooted, simply add a new session to your iSCSI target, and you can then use the MCS/MPIO to verify and set the MPIO configuration (round robin or failover only). Using this, I have verified I can get double the throughput when using two interfaces on an WSS target.

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