OSX VPN Problems

Hello,I’ve noticed this for a while, but finally blogging it to grab peoples attention. I use a Microsoft PPTP server at the office to connect to using PPTP. From Windows it works perfectly fine and i’m able to remain connected and go about my work. However, from OSX,  it works fine for a while – then if there is no activity on the connection, it kinda drops the connection – but not completely. Pinging anything at the office sometimes gives aping: sendto: No buffer space availableafter a while of pinging, it’ll stop and everything will resume. If after i connect, i leave a ping going this doesnt happen.Wonder whats going on…. 

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  1. I too have been experiencing this problem with OSX. For me it happens all the time even after a fresh restart. Dang…. i switched from Windows for reasons just like this.

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