Windows Mobile 6 and my BlackJack

Good Evening Folks, today i was alerted by my good friend that WM6 had been released for my AT&T Blackjack. So, i went to the update site and downloaded the update. Whilst downloading the update, i noticed a few times it telling methat Vista is not supported for this update, which – is very strange to me. But regardless, i downloaded the update, and then started looking around for resources on how to get this update to work on Vista.

First, let me say a few things about this update process.

It’s now 2008. The vast majority of the devices out there, that support some kind of removable storage, can update them self using a particular type of file on this storage medium. Why on earth do you choose to use such an archaic cabled method ? What’s wrong with you?

Ok, rant over. Now, i found information here on how to do this on Vista, so i got the driver (which i am hosting now temporarily here) and updated the Samsung driver on my Vista machine and proceeded with updating my phone.

After about 5-10 minutes of updating, the phone rebooted, and i was graced with a beautiful looking splash screen, some swooshing sounds, and then the WM6 homepage. Wow, i said, Wow.

Then, as i continued the process as stated by Samsung, i ran into some problems. I couldn’t do the full reset. The phone barked and said “Error reseting”. So i rebooted the phone, and tried again. Same bark, same message. So, i tried the next time – to see the current phone version. To my horror, i found tha the PDA version had been updated, by the Phone version was BLANK. OMFG. What the hell happened? I followed all the steps (albeit ignoring the “don’t try this on Vista” part), and why did this goof up?

So, i tried flashing it again. Same thing.

So, i got brave and thought about it for a second (it was 1am by the way). And thought to myself, ” I wonder if i leave my sim card in the phone during the update, maybe it’ll update then?” Quickly, i tried it. And to my surprise, it worked. Yay!

So, if you are trying this WM6 update on your Blackjack, and the phone version isnt getting set, try it with the Sim card in, it may work.

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